Civil & Structural Engineering

Renewable energy projects are large and complex pieces of infrastructure often constructed in remote and challenging locations. Ionic Consulting have an experienced team of civil and structural engineers on hand to deal with this increasing complexity. The services are primarily aimed at project developers (often in support of an owner’s engineer role) but we also supply design services to civil works contractors on a case-by-case basis.

The services provided by Ionic Consulting cover all aspects of project development and construction including site investigations, site access surveys, site layout optimisation and include both turbine foundation detailed design and review of third party designs. Design expertise is not just limited to turbine related elements such as foundations, roads and hardstands but also include key grid infrastructure such as substations and cable installations up to transmission voltages.

The Ionic Consulting team have also applied their skills and understanding to deal with critical issues that have arisen during the operational phase of a project and have delivered a number of remedial action solutions to clients including foundation assessments and repairs.

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