Electrical & Grid Engineering

Grid connections have always been key to the success of renewable energy projects and this has only increased in recent years as more complex grid connections are required to reflect the larger export capacity of modern projects and the ability of developers in certain countries to deliver significant parts of this infrastructure on a contestable basis. Ionic Consulting can assist developers with all aspects of this increasingly complex area. Although primarily focused on renewable energy projects, these capabilities are equally applicable to other infrastructure developments in the commercial and industrial space.

The services provided by Ionic Consulting cover all areas of project development and construction including grid connection applications, network feasibility studies, optimised substation design and all the elements of infrastructure specification, procurement, and commissioning. We also manage the often complex interface with the utilities on behalf of the client.

In addition Ionic Consulting are experts in the area of grid code compliance solutions and will ensure the optimal design is chosen initially (including maximising the capability of the turbine) while also managing the grid code testing and reporting on behalf of the client.

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