Happy 2nd (Brand) Birthday to us!

Our Managing Director, Ken Boyne reflects on the second anniversary of the Ionic Consulting rebrand. 

Firstly thanks to all the people who contacted me via LinkedIn to congratulate me on my work anniversary. In fact yesterday marks the second anniversary of our rebrand from Wind Prospect Ireland to Ionic Consulting so it is a birthday for the Ionic brand but not for me as MD or the business as whole.

However, it did cause me to read again the speech that I made in the historic surroundings of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin on that wonderful and very enjoyable night that we shared with staff, clients and friends. The extract below was always the key part of the speech and I continue to be so proud of our staff for continuing to live this message and as MD I am privileged to occasionally act as their voice.

“Before I finish I was reflecting on the words that mean the most to me when I think about this new chapter of the Ionic Consulting story and I came up with just three:-

Firstly – People. Which is no surprise to those of you who know me. So much of our business is about people and how we interact with them and I’ve made the point before that our role is equal parts engineer, project manager and social worker. Recognising the importance of the human interactions within an industry like ours is key – and is not something that comes naturally to engineers. So our success is a reflection of how our staff have embraced that culture and how our clients have responded to it.

Secondly – Evolution. A business like ours does not create markets – it services markets. In a dynamic global market like renewables that means that we need to constantly evolve to ensure that we are providing the correct services in the correct way to our clients. We have done this in a subtle way over the past 15 years and this is merely the next step in that constant evolution.

Lastly and most importantly – Pride. As MD and now co-owner of this company I am proud of the industry that we work in and the positive impact it is having on the world in which we live. I am proud of our company heritage and the values and ethos that they have instilled in us. And most importantly I am intensely proud of our wonderful staff who use their talent and skill every day in support of those clients in a professional and courteous manner. The staff are Ionic Consulting – not me or Brendan, but I am very proud to stand here today as their voice. “