Ionic Consulting and ‘Brentry’ – New Office Opening in Edinburgh

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the potential impact on trade between Europe and the United Kingdom, it would seem a strange time for a European company to consider opening their first UK office, but Ionic are nothing if not innovative. The decision to choose Edinburgh is in response to a growing demand for our services from Scottish-based clients and indeed for services on post-subsidy renewable energy projects in Scotland.

Managing Director Ken Boyne was keen to draw parallels between the two processes

Albeit we decided not to paint our news on the side of a bus, we are confident that our Brentry decision is well thought out, based on a clear and understood mandate from our stakeholders and will bring defined benefits for all parties.

To avoid any language barriers, Ionic’s Keith Bale who is an Edinburgh native will be on hand to deal with any client queries!

The new office is located in Lochrin Square, Fountainbridge in the heart of Edinburgh.

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