Ionic Consulting Passes the 1GW Milestone in Ireland

July 2017

We had so many projects in progress that in the end, it was like a photo finish in a middle-distance race, but the project that finally pushed us past the 1GW milestone as Owner’s Engineer was Meenadreen Windfarm for Energia Renewables, which was issued a Takeover Cert in March 2017.

Such was the volume of projects in the race that within a matter of weeks we quickly passed the 1.2 GW milestone and expect to pass the 1.5 GW milestone in early 2018.

This is a brilliant achievement for the team. We’re picking up the pace and hitting 500MW milestones faster – a reflection of our growth and how quickly the Irish onshore wind market is expanding.

  • First 500MW – 2004-2012 (8 years)
  • Second 500MW – 2013-2016 (4 years)
  • Third 500MW – Jan 2017 to early 2018? (1 year?)