IWEA Report: Life-cycle of an Onshore Wind Farm

Having built over 100 wind farms with more than 800 wind turbines (> 1.75GW) we are always happy to share what we have learned so we were delighted when IWEA (Irish Wind Energy Association) asked us to prepare a report on the Life-cycle of an Onshore Wind Farm.

As a leading renewable energy consultancy, we are frequently asked about our projects by people both within our sector and those not directly involved in renewable energy, as most people are interested in learning how renewable energy is helping our world. This report helps explain what is typically involved at each stage of a wind farms lifecycle, from a greenfield through to the wind farms development, construction, operation and decommissioning or repowering.

Like many people who work in renewable energy we are always ready to share our experience and chat about what we do, not just with clients but also with people joining the growing renewable energy sector, communities, landowners, schools and everybody with an interest in green energy.

The aim of this report was to allow people to understand wind energy a bit better. Like the solar PV, battery storage and anaerobic digester projects we are working on right now, each wind energy project is different. But whether it is in Ireland, Scotland or in any of the other countries we work in, at a high level many of the stages are similar to those outlined in this report. Of course the detail is always more challenging, and that’s where Ionic’s expertise and experience continue to help renewable energy project developers and owners.