Launch of the Ionic Consulting Brand

July 12 2017 -What a night! We were very proud to relaunch as Ionic Consulting last night in Dublin’s breath-taking Christ Church Cathedral. Attendance was phenomenal and we got lots of support and positivity from clients and friends. The Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald T.D., graced us with her presence – I think that for once a politician added to the occasion!

We also received goodwill from those who were invited but for various reasons could not attend. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s an extract from a speech by MD Ken Boyne, outlining the thought process behind the new brand itself:

“Before we could establish our future identity it was important to hold a mirror up to ourselves, and what we concluded was that the strength of our company and what has underpinned our recent success is a heady combination of both what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading technical service but it is offered in a way that makes us easy to work with. We try to cure our clients’ headaches – not add to them. We don’t always succeed but at least we try.

In working with our clients, we form strong bonds between us and in doing so it allows risk and trust to transfer to us and hopefully insight, expertise and support to transfer to them – like ions transferring in a chemical reaction. These bonds have proven to be strong and stable over time by the amount of repeat business that we are fortunate enough to win – and for which we are extremely grateful.

In the same way on projects, we bring a range of disparate elements and stakeholders together and bond them into something new – something that is stronger than the individual elements – thereby allowing ideas and solutions to transfer easily between parties both for the duration of the project and beyond. This theme of bonding and transfer finally led us to the world of chemistry and our new name – Ionic Consulting. We have also used some visual cues in our branding to stress that we support our clients in moving projects and issues from one point to another – in our business it is always about focussing on the destination while trying to make the journey as painless as possible.”

Ken also talked about how we are expanding into other renewable energy technologies – soon offering them to both current and new clients in countries outside of Ireland.

What a night indeed!