Senior Electrical Engineer


  • Provide technical support to the project management team on electrical and grid connection issues during renewable energy project development, through pre-construction, construction, handover and operation stages;
  • Perform the review and negotiation of grid connection methodologies including meetings with System Operators, Clients, Contractors & Regulators as necessary;
  • Provide a technical understanding of the grid codes and requirements of various markets that Ionic Consulting operate in, including Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain;
  • Support the Project Management Team on project team calls with contractors, designers and clients to provide technical support;
  • Promote and enhance the profile and reputation of Ionic Consulting in the renewable energy market in Ireland and abroad and assisting with business development, expansion and diversification as necessary.


  • Assist the electrical engineering team in the technical assessment and design of renewable energy projects, electrical infrastructure at distribution and transmission voltages;
  • Preparation and review of electrical engineering technical specifications & designs for renewable projects electrical works;
  • Assist the project management team in tendering electrical works including tender evaluation and appraisal;
  • Management and supervision of wind farm electrical and grid connection works under construction;
  • Become familiar with major equipment vender technical solutions for renewable energy project electrical installations (transformers, cables, switchgear, protection, battery systems);
  • Understand of the principles of earthing & lightning protection design;
  • Have a detailed understanding of protection design for renewable energy and energy storage projects;
  • Preparation of project budgets, programmes, management documentation and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects and grid connections;
  • Attend factory acceptance tests for major equipment;
  • Assist with electrical aspects of Due Diligence and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects


  • Have a detailed understanding of the grid and distribution codes in the countries detailed above;
  • Have a detailed understanding of the technical requirements for renewable energy power stations operating on the distribution & transmission systems in the various countries;
  • Be up to date with the latest regulatory regime in the various markets regarding the issuance and acceptance of connection agreements;
  • Review and understand proposed policy changes with regard to grid regulations;
  • Be aware of connection possibilities for projects competing for connection capacity;
  • Develop relationships with the various decision makers within the relevant utilities;
  • Have a detailed understanding of constraint and curtailment mechanisms to be applied in various countries;
  • Understand risks associated with grid connection process and develop strategies to manage these risks;
  • Be aware of possible alternative solutions and remedial action schemes to accelerate connection dates;
  • Review and understand the relevant utility long term development statements and grid investment programmes;
  • Understand EU grid consolidation strategy and the impact of interconnection on the various utilities;
  • Understand government policy with regard to grid infrastructure upgrades and the implementation strategies to be adopted;
  • Have a detailed understanding of various loss and connection charges mechanisms;
  • Have a detailed understanding of contestability and the applicability to renewable energy projects;
  • Understand options for grid connection of offshore wind farms and interconnectors.


  • Promote and enhance the profile and reputation of Ionic Consulting;
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with key Clients;
  • Develop business contacts and opportunities for Ionic Consulting;
  • Seek opportunities to submit tenders for work in Ireland on behalf of Ionic Consulting;
  • Represent Ionic on various industry bodies and at industry events as required;
  • Work with other staff / teams in order to deliver business goals and meet customer requirements;
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with other staff / teams;
  • Support the development of other staff by engaging in internal training and mentoring;
  • Work in client facing roles and interface directly with a wide range of clients;
  • Work with other staff and management team to expand Ionic’s range of services and client base.


  • A keen interest in renewable energy and the developments in technology (in Ireland and UK);
  • Ability to develop good working relationships with colleagues, contractors and clients;
  • Able to adapt, work effectively and flexibly within a small team environment;
  • Demonstrable leadership, supervisory and mentoring skills;
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Can-do attitude and strong problem solving skills.


  • Essential; Engineering Degree Qualification (Electrical);
  • Essential; 10 years+ previous work experience in MV & HV substations/electrical engineering design/build-out of renewable energy grid connections;
  • Desirable; Previous work experience in renewable energy and /or electrical system operators.
  • Desirable; Chartered Engineer status or working towards it is an advantage.


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