We are Ionic Consulting

Like charging ions, we transfer insight and expertise among people to create renewable energy projects across the globe.

What We Do

Ionic Consulting works with the technologies of today and tomorrow.

The clean energy landscape is fast evolving. Emerging technologies and markets are now joining the mainstream. Right now, we support clients in the areas of onshore wind, solar PV, offshore wind and energy storage while some of our clients are soon to expand into wave and tidal generation. So flexibility is a key company trait.

We help clean energy projects secure capital and source technical capabilities. We align clients, technologies, skill sets and markets to create outstanding solutions for now and for a clean, innovative future.

Bespoke solutions for every aspect of your project.

Our comprehensive in-house expertise and experience means we can offer a full and flexible service for these fast-changing, exciting times across a range of clean energy technologies.

We support you from planning, through financing to construction and beyond. Everything we do is tailored and original whether you are a developer or a funder. We respond to your needs and the emerging challenges and opportunities of your project.

  • Project and Portfolio Acquisition Due Diligence Support
  • Development / Planning Services
  • Project Financing Technical Support
  • Works Packages Tendering / Negotiation
  • Civil / Structural Engineering
  • Electrical / Grid Engineering
  • Turbine Supply and Maintenance Contracts
  • Safety Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Stakeholder Management including Statutory Bodies
  • Testing / Commissioning of all Works Packages
  • Operational Asset Due Diligence / Remedial Works Engineering
  • Bank / Funder Technical Advisor

How we work is extraordinary too.

We manage enormous, leading-edge clean energy projects, working with our clients rather than for them. We work to integrate and align the many elements and stakeholders that constitute a modern project. Yet with us, the journey is easy and often pleasant. That’s because we form strong bonds with our collaborators. We stay open and flexible, no matter what challenges we encounter along the way. We’re good with people, and this is our greatest accomplishment.