Technical Support Services

Ionic Consulting also provide a range of smaller technical support services to clients who often need assistance on specific technical or commercial issues. These tasks can cover simple assessments or opinions on issues or more detailed analysis of issues. Such services can be required from early stage development all the way through to the operational phase but are provided by the same experienced team as the larger works packages.

One growing area of interest is that of Asset End of Life Assessments where the Ionic Consulting team can work with the asset owner to logically work though the preferred course of action for an aging asset. This may result in some proactive measures being implemented in order to prolong the life of the asset or indeed to look at the various options available for repowering the site. Even if neither of the those options is of interest or viable then it is important that the asset owner establishes a robust plan for the ultimate decommissioning of the facility in line with the relevant planning or statutory requirements.